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Posted by on Nov 18, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Questions To Ask At Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

Right who was wrong later on could the judge ultimately decide that both of them are guilty of domestic violence yes judge could do that but typically what we see in those cases is a judge trying to figure out who the ultimate aggressor is and a lot of times we can figure that out but sometimes you can and a judge could technically find them both guilty when the police are called to a domestic violence.

case does someone have to go to jail no they don’t there’s this misconception about that I used to think that too but but you don’t matter of fact we see domestic violence situations where the police do come out and the police make no arrests and then the victim will comedown to the magistrate at a municipal court and actually sign the warrant down there so not in every case no you know II did not know that but I’ve heard that for police officers some of the most dangerous calls they can go to or domestic violence.

Cases that’s probably true because as you know there could besoms pretty heated angry situations at hand when you know when you arriving Nina situation like that well then we haves couple minutes left once again you don’t have a magic line or your psychiatrist but how can we stop this how can we dial this down well again Think it’s it’s it’s an anger issue bandana folks that just don’t know how to control their anger you know the people you love sometimes you can be the most angry domestic violence attorney Tucson with at times bandit’s just an individual.

Basis where you just have to learn to control yourself and your anger and and walk away from the situation is what we hope people will do right now do people learn that over time or do once again do you seethe same old folks back in weekend well you know I think some people do learn that lesson and some people don’t comeback but unfortunately sometimes we see people over and over who don’t get that and that’s that’s part of the reason I think why the legislature did some of what they did this last time well as restarted to close out here been seconds what other type cases do you handle in your practice yes everything we do litigation.

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