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Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Services | 0 comments

How to repair air conditioning

Our bolts two on the tops two on the bottom and then the two lines that should be it-you okay so this is an angle from under the car lower bolts for the for the condenser you can see one just barely same with the other side all right once the radiator core support was removed we noticed the radiator has some leakage right around the seams pretty common customer was complaining about a coolant smell but not adding coolant tucson air conditioning service.

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So we’re at the point of leaking just see page right now we know the failure is coming soon right so the last thing will be to remove the two lines to the condenser you okay so what we’re trying to get to here is this is the receiver dryer accumulator however you want to refer to it basically the moisture the filtered moisture catch what you’re going to do is we’re going to put another filter system inside of Air Conditioning Repair.

So we’re removing the tile head here Allen key stuff alright so this comes apart fitting down here you here’s our old one so we won’t put the new one in this will be the last thing that we do only because the new one we don’t want to be open to the atmosphere too long so we’ll head now do the compressor and the expansion now okay when removing the belt this one here is a tensioner.

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There is an intention right here for your sock for your ratchet to fit into that’in the movement that is going to pivot you want to make note of how the routing of the belt sometimes there’s a sticker that tells you this vehicle does not have a sticker so moving it down will release the belt Air conditioning.

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