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Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Kratom | 0 comments

What are the Different Strengths of Kratom?

What are the Different Strengths of Kratom?

When you try Kratom for the first time, it is really important that you understand the strengths of the plant so you can get the dosage right. Even if you have tried Kratom several times, you’ll still need to be careful about the strengths since it can vary depending on the type of Kratom quality and form.

The Optimal Dose and Why It Matters
Kratom has both medicinal benefits and euphoric effects – but only when taken in the right dosage. Think of coffee as an example. If you drink just one cup of coffee, it can provide the right amount of stimulation to help you stay alert focus and even get your bowels moving. But, if you drink too much coffee at once, you will likely end up jittery, distracted and maybe even have diarrhea!

You never want to go over your optimal dose for Kratom. Aside from the possible negative effects, you could end up building up a tolerance to the plant.

So, what is the optimal dose for Kratom? It depends on the following factors.

1. Strain of Kratom
Some strains of Kratom are significantly more potent than others. There are many types of Kratom, but here are the three most potent:
• Maeng Da
• Bali
• Thai

2. Form of Kratom
When purchasing Kratom, the most common forms are leaves, powders (usually in capsules), and resin, of these, resin is the most potent, followed by powders. Leaves are the least potent.

Kratom Dosages by Form:
• Resin: 3-5 grams
• Powders: About 5 grams
• Leaves: 5-10 grams

Remember that you should always start out with a low dosage when trying Kratom for the first time! It is better to have milder effects for your first try than end up feeling ill! You can always up the dosage the next time once you know your individual tolerance.

3. Quality of the Kratom
It can be very difficult to find a reliable seller of Kratom. Most offer “commercial” Kratom, which means that it is made of Kratom from various qualities. However, it is possible to find Kratom which is sourced from reliable growers, and for which only high-quality leaves were selected. This Kratom will cost more, but you won’t need as much to get the desired effects from the plant. You may need to try out several different sellers before finding one which is truly of a good quality for the price. And don’t forget that the seller also needs to be reliable in that the quality of the Kratom you buy is always the same.

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